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Valid Requirements of a Landlord for an ESA - 2021 Guide


The new housing rules for ESA have clearly explained what a landlord can ask from you if you seek approval from emotional support animal letter them. There are two major requirements. These are further explained below. 





  • Verification of the Disability



The first requirement of a landlord can be the verification of the disability. This verification can be ensured through the following documents:


  • A federal or local authority should issue a letter or any other document that validates the disability.


  • The tenant will also have to show any bills or prescriptions from the same federal or local authority.


  • The authority should declare the person eligible for some housing assistance.


  • The medical verification of the disability is also required. It has to be done by a licensed mental health professional. It can be a licensed psychiatrist or therapist also. 


Another requirement is that the person should have availed some services from this health professional. The healthcare worker will then issue a letter that qualifies the person to be a patient of a certain disease. They can also discuss the common symptoms due to which the person requires assistance.


  • Any other requirement of a landlord that he can prove to be legal according to the Fair Housing Act can also be considered. 


These requirements have been laid down to confirm that the person is actually in need of assistance. Unfortunately, in recent times some people have misused the ESA letter. So, according to the updated rules, it is necessary to prove the mental or psychological disability you’re facing. 



  • Verification of the need for an Emotional Support Animal



After establishing the authenticity of your disability and the need for support, you will have to prove that an ESA provides the support. This may be done through the following means:


  • You will need a letter from a licensed mental health professional. It could be taken from an “ESA letter online” service. You can also pay a visit to the clinic of your doctor.  


  • The health professional should be the one treating you for a considerable time. Or they should be aware of your case details. 


  • The ESA letter should include the details about your mental health issue and the recent symptoms. 


  • A reliable health professional will always inquire about your emotional support animal before issuing an ESA letter. This is because the letter will include the details about the animal also. For instance, an emotional support dog letter will tell the dog’s breed, age, name, and color. 


  • The letter should validate that the animal is not a normal pet but an emotional support animal necessary for your well-being. 


  • The letter should include the date of issuance. The issuance date will show the letter’s validity because an emotional support animal letter is only valid for 12 months. 


Rights of an ESA owner


The ESA laws are not there to disturb you with requirements. They offer plenty of privileges to the ESA owners also. Read more to know about them. 


  • The landlords can not ask for any additional fee from the tenant. You do not need to pay any security deposits also. 


  • The housing societies or landlords can not discriminate among ESAs. An emotional support animal can not be banned based on its breed, size, appearance, or other factors. 


  • A no-pet society can not stop you from living with your ESA because an ESA is not considered a normal pet. An ESA Letter ensures this. 


  • You can live with ESAs in college hostel or dormitories also. 


If you have an emotional support animal or consider getting one, then give these laws a read. You can know your duties and rights being an ESA owner. 


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