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Not only is Morrie Schwartz a great teacher in his youth, but also he is a great teacher throughout his final days. Shown in the memoir Tuesdays With Morrie, Morrie’s wisdom and lessons on life are passed on to Mitch Albom, his former student and author of his memoir, as Morrie suffers near the end of his battle against ALS. A man of words with prolific meaning, Morrie often shares aphorisms, short phrases that speak of important lessons, in his memoir. In particular, my favorite aphorism of Morrie’s is “You’re not a wave, you’re part of the ocean” (Albom 180). There are multiple ways to view this quote, but for me, I consider this phrase the perfect way to sum up how insignificant some things in life are. When one really thinks about it, what effect will the outcome of a sports game have on the rest of the world? Actually, little to none, but someone may view a favorite team losing the championship as a temporary end of the world. If someone is able to objectively look at something that has happened, it may not seem so devastating and earth-shattering. I believe that if I am able to view things in this way, life will be easier because in the grand scheme of things issues that may seem so important really have no impact on the rest of my life.

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