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i would want someone to set and listen to my story my son passed in 06 and r bond was so strong and all the evil that was done to me, i didnt even get to be with my son at his fueral did i do anything wrong no i dint i just want to tell u all a true story of a love between a mom and her son, and the hate of alot people for my love and how i had to fight a court system on a ppo which i wasnt present when it was filed in michigan u can put one on ur cat i fought it, and had it terminated. today i still grief my son. i should like to tell u about a family that left me laying on the floor, when all i seen was darkness. my grief is so strong yet life goes on for the ones who did this very long story but true. i would just like to sit and talk with someone for one more day.. let them here my story for i no my son isnt coming home, threw the tears threw the darkness. this is what i would want.. my love for my son always jeannie mazur mom to duane suess.

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