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My dad died in April of this year. Like Chick’s mom, he died of a heart attack—and I wasn’t able to say goodbye to him for the last time. I have felt a lot of guilt and sorrow, even anger; and just like Chick, at times I’ve felt my life was a big mess and I’ve even wished God would take me too (I’m slowly starting to get past that, I think). I really regret not only the loss of my father, but the lost time we could have had and the issues that were never resolved, not to mention the things that we’ll never get to do together. When I read For One More Day last night, I cried—because I’ve so wished for one more day with my dad.So if I could have that “one more day”, I would want to go someplace nice with Dad, like Hawaii or some place that’s peaceful…where we could have a nice meal together, and spend some really decent time together. Where we could talk about our feelings and straighten out our relationship, and hopefully resolve the problems we had together. Maybe even fix a few things so my life wouldn’t have been so complicated after he left.

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