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Religion is such a big topic, and it has such a huge effect on the world. While technically, it isn’t something you can eat, something that gives you shelter, or some other product, it controls a large part of the economy. It does not provide a clear-cut service, so why? Because a lot of people feel they need it. To believe in something greater, to feel connected to the people around them. They invest in that feeling, and thus it is important. And like all important things, often times it is fought over. Which religion is right? Even amongst what seems at first to be the same religion, there are infinite variations all claiming they are right. Is any of them even right? Or do they all posses a piece of the bigger picture? I do not know. I don’t know what is real, what is fake, what is made up in ignorance, and who believes what they say when talking about religion and who is abusing it. But I do know that a lot of people feel they need it, to get through their day to day life. And I believe that this book shows just what belief can do for people, even if they are two difrent religions.

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