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I just finished reading Have a Little Faith this evening. I am a busy mom of four young boys and rarely take time to get on the computer, but here I am registered on a new site and sharing my thoughts. Thanks, Bro. Albom, for a great story, well-told. I am always thrilled to hear the truth and you illuminated so much of it in your book. I was born and raised in a home and community of faith and have never strayed from it. Through all of my life experiences, travel and education I have held to the precepts of faith and good works and rejoiced in seeing those traits in others, regardless of race, religion, culture or creed. This life is truly a gift and I stand all amazed at the love our God offers us! Also, I was pleased to learn from the previous posting that the location of Temple Beth Shalom is in a place I served as a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints back in 1993-94. I had a wonderful experience coming to know and love some of the people and places in the greater Philadelphia area, including Moorestown, Cherry Hill and Vineland. And to think I was there working to spread the love and peace of God at the same time Rabbi Lewis was serving his synagogue is a mind-blower. I look forward to meeting him in heaven and sharing my appreciation for his good life and our shared faith in a loving, generous God. Peace to all!

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