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“Because one thing God gave us—and I’m afraid it’s at times
a little too much—is free will. Freedom to choose. I believe he gave us
everything needed to build a beautiful world, if we choose wisely.But we can also choose badly. And we can mess things up something
awful.” Albert “Reb” Lewis said the above quote. God did give us
free will, but why? Why would he give us the freedom to choose what we want in
life? Being that he is our creator and would want us all to follow him, why
would he give us the choice not to? To these questions I believe that I have
the answer: faith. Faith was mentioned throughout “Have a Little Faith”. I
would say that it was the overall theme of the book. Throughout it we met the
Reb and Henry Covington—both were men who presented to have great faith.
Neither of them had many things in common, from their personal beliefs to their
past, but both of them had a great faith in the Lord. The Reb was one of my favorite people within the book. If I
would have ever have had an opportunity to meet him, I would have jumped on it.
He was truly an extraordinary man. Like Mitch Albom I viewed rabbis, pastors,
etc. as people who were between Earth and Heaven, people who were not on the
same level as us “commoners” in the spiritual world. The Reb showed me that
great men of God are just like us, but they take their faith a bit more
seriously, a bit more to heart. The Reb wanted to be a history teacher. He
never planned on becoming a rabbi; in fact he flunked out when he first tried.
He was not sent down this amazing adventure to find his life’s calling, he was
simply told by a camper’s father that he should pursue it—and he did. He took a
small synagogue that was originally in a reformed house and made it into a
great synagogue that many families viewed as their “home” synagogue within the
city. He was a rabbi for sixty years; it was his life’s work. The Reb’s faith, in my opinion, was truly tested when his
daughter died. When this happened he asked God, “Why? Why would this happen to
me?” He cursed him, he was confused, but then he realized—God was the comfort
he needed for this. When he would ask God why this had happened to him in his
family, he realized that, that was the comfort in it all. That God was there
for him in that time, as God is always there for us at any point in our lives.
The Reb found comfort in being able to ‘blame’ God for the death of his
daughter. As we should always be able to find comfort with God. The comfort that the Reb found with God, and his great
faith, was with him to his death. Even on his last day, he was singing with
great joy.

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