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So a lot of us Dual Credit English kids have been trolling on your forum lately posting about your book. Hope you don’t mind it was an interesting assignment our “professor” gave us a week or so ago. I’m a little late posting mine because I forgot all about it. (Sorry Ms. Mchargue) Anyways let’s cut to the chase, I really loved Have a Little Faith. It was well written and kept me interested throughout the entire story. I think your relationship with the Reb was very heart warming and I couldn’t help but shed a few tears when I read the eulogy.I had numerous favorite lines throughout the book, but one of my favorites had to have been on page 212 when the Reb was telling you the story of the man who was burying his wife. He said to the Reb that he truly loved her, and that he almost told her once. That statement alone was enough to baffle my mind, how can a man just ALMOST tell his wife that he loved her? But what the Reb said in response to this was what truly struck a chord with me. “Nothing haunts us like the things we don’t say.” You really connected with me with that line, I felt guilty for all the things that I didn’t say to my family or my girlfriend. I asked myself, “Do I say that I love them enough?” And in a panic I ran downstairs to tell my Dad that I loved him, and I called my Girlfriend just to tell her that I loved her.Another line that really caught my attention was on page 243 when you said “Emptiness is not tangible …I swear I could touch it.” I’ve felt this same emotion before. A few years ago my great grandmother died. I was really close with her. When I found out she had died I had felt emptiness inside me that I had never felt before, it was as if a part of me had been lost forever. To this day it has been the only funeral that I have ever cried at.“You’re a man of God, too,’ he whispered. ‘Everyone is.” This was one of the most interesting quotes in the entire book. It was the quote that really got me thinking about my religion and how no matter what denomination, we are all men and women of God. The path to Heaven is different for all of us but in the end don’t we end up at the same place? Then why is there so much dislike within the various religions and even within their own denominations? Only God knows for certain.I have a lot of respect for you Mitch Albom. Not only are you a terrific writer but you are a writer that can reach out to his readers and connect with them in a way that is rare to see nowadays. Your subject matter is unique and fresh, but most all it is honest.

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