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When I was recently told to read the novel, Have A Little Faith, I expected to have a lack of interest throughout the whole thing. Surprisingly, as I began to read a few chapters of the novel, I became strongly engaged through the rest, leading all the way to end. It is undeniable that I am a person who absolutely loves hearing or reading quotes. Have A Little Faith is filled with a countless amount of memorable quotes and sections, in which I felt were extremely inspiring and touching. It would take a huge amount of time to go through every individual section that stood out to me; therefore, I will only point out a few memorable quotes or sections that meant something to me. In my perspective, one section that stood out a lot was on page 160. It was a conversation between the Reb and Mitch. “Even in our own faith, we have questions and answers, interpretations, debates. In Christianity, in Catholicism, in other faiths, the same thing-debates, interpretations. That is the beauty. It’s like being a musician. If you found the note, and you kept hitting that note all the time, you would go nuts. It’s the blending of the different notes that makes the music.” “The music of what?” “Of believing in something bigger than yourself.”I felt like this was such an interesting conversation between the Reb and Mitch. I feel like a simple conversation such as this recognizes that the Reb is such a wise man that is respectful of different faiths and people. A quote that I read on page 174 was extremely easy for me to understand because I have had the same opinion. It was when Mitch was on his way out of the cold building and saw many homeless people wrapped in blankets on the floor, trying to sleep. ”It’s hard to express what hit me then, except the thought that every one of those bumps was a man, every man was once a child, ever child once held by his mother, and now this: a cold gym floor at the bottom of the world.” Wow! This is all that came to my mind when I read this quote. I completely agree with what Mitch had to say in so many different ways. I think it is miserable to realize the fact that there are so many people who end up being without a home for a variety of different reasons. Money, drugs, or simply being abandoned are just a few ways that people can end up this way. Although it is sometimes hard to believe, everyone was born innocent. In my opinion, it is sad to realize that these people without a home or living a rough life were once innocent babies, held and cared by a mother, most likely living a happy life. Another quote that I enjoyed very much was on page 192. It was when Henry Covington was discussing his past. “No, I say. You knew me. You knew that person, but you don’t know the person that I’m trying to become.”When Henry said this, I felt like he was stating the ugly truth of how people can manage to be so judgmental. I always try my absolute best not to judge people based on their past, because it is a fact that people can change for the better. Many people in this current generation I am living seem to be hateful, negative, and judge anyone that is trying to become a better person. I think that this situation is awful, because I know this can only be discouraging to anyone trying to become a better person. Generally, it seems rude to always look at someone’s past instead of looking at how they are today. I think that people should attempt to be more considerate and helpful to others that are trying to make a better life for themselves, rather than putting them down. Like I said before, there are many memorable quotes and sections that had an extremely meaningful impact on my thoughts. Have A Little Faith was an excellent novel that I feel grateful to have had the privilege to read.

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