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Good Afternoon,


Have a little faith was an awesome movie.  There should be more movies like this made, but we are living in a time where anti-God, sex, violence, and negativity sell.  It bothered me to see the negative reviews of this heart-felt movie, but I guess I am not surprised.  Mitch, please try to make MORE movies/shows like this for families, and just people who know and believe in God. I texted all my friends when it was over and told them it was a must see… And I can’t speak for movies that discuss other faiths, but Christian movies tend to have AWESOME messages, but the acting isn’t that great.  So then it’s hard to convince folks to see it becase although the story is amazing, people get caught up in the acting.  This movie had wonderful acting, a dynamic cast, and was just overall well done… Peace & Blessings to you and your family, and I pray that God guides you to do more projects like this.

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