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“This book is the answer to anyone who believed they’d never again read a book with the soul and grace of Tuesdays With Morrie. Have A Little Faith is an absolute wonder—tender, transporting and deeply moving, a profound meditation on kindling the light that struggles in billions of hearts.”
—Scott Turow, author of Presumed Innocent and Limitations”Mitch Albom’s latest book, Have a little Faith chronicles the lives of Pastor Henry Covington and the small congregation he leads at The Pilgrim Church, where he has served as the head of ‘I Am My Brother’s Keeper Ministry’ for close to 15 years.The church, with its hole in the roof, that allows the wetness of the rain and the bitter cold of the wind and snow of a Detroit winter to drift into this building that also serves as a homeless shelter and kitchen, operates with no budget, dues, and sometimes with no heat or electricity. But it provides the true definition of ‘Church.’ It is not the building, it is the people, it is their faith, it is their refusal to be denied their pursuit of a better life.
Have a little Faith is a compassionate read that allows us all to take a deeper look at our lives and our faith.”
—Bishop T.D. Jakes, chief pastor, The Potter’s House“Once again, Mitch Albom has given us a heart-warming true story, about the power of love to triumph over death, and the power of faith to guide us through the worst adversity.”
—Rabbi Harold Kushner, author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People”Mitch Albom has been blessed with wise mentors. We all now know his professor Morrie Schwartz. Here we meet Albert Lewis, a rabbi who lovingly leads his former pupil toward a renewal of faith, and Pastor Henry Covington, a former drug dealer struggling to hold body and soul together for his parishioners in inner city Detroit. Have A Little Faith teaches that belief can come upon us in unsuspecting ways – and mentors might be hiding in plain sight.”
—Cokie Roberts, political analyst, ABC News and NPR, and author of We Are Our Mothers’ Daughters”Mitch Albom offers to his already loyal readers, and millions more, a timeless story when America needs it most – a story of faith, hope, and the meaning of serving others. As Have A Little Faith evolves, and Mitch must write the heartbreaking eulogy, he discovers a yearning that, in the end, we all discover: to be involved in something greater than ourselves. As Mitch observess, we find meaning through our human struggles, and, more importantly, in walking the path that God had in store for us all along. Have a Little Faith reminds us to seek and recognize how God is working in our lives in ways we cannot fully appreciate. This is a beautifully conveyed book.”
—Senator Bob Dole, author of One Soldier’s Story: A Memoir”Mitch Albom tells the story of two incredible men whose lives demonstrate what faith is all about. They impacted his life, and now – without ever having met them – they have impacted mine as well.”
—Tony Dungy, former NFL coach, author of Quiet Strength”Clear some space on your bookshelf for Mitch Albom’s, Have a Little Faith, the story of a faith journey that could become a classic. Those who were born into faith, have lost faith, or are still searching will all be engaged and challenged by this powerful story of “finding faith” in relationships with others and with something greater than ourselves. Never satisfied with easy answers or soft platitudes, Mitch explores some of life’s greatest mysteries and unanswered questions with great honesty, depth and self reflection. ”
—Jim Wallis, CEO and Founder of Sojourners and author of The Great Awakening

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