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I waited (sort of) patiently for this book to be published. I’ve been tracking it’s progress through “someone who knows” for over a year. And was it ever worth the wait! I received a copy last Thursday. I knew that when I started reading, I wouldn’t put it down until I was finished. So on Sunday I sat down to savor what I knew would be another “life journey”, not sure how this could get better than the previous 3 books. Especially since I’m not at all religious. I was immediately invited in to the lives of all the people in the book: their good thoughts and deeds; their not-so-good thoughts and deeds. These people I’ve never met – and never will. Through their lives and Mitch’s incredible telling of their stories (his included – I related more to his feelings of wanting to run every time he saw the Reb than almost anything else in the book) I feel like I know them all. It moved me to tears a lot of the time, but not always from sadness. It was, without a doubt, one of the best books I’ve ever had the honor of reading. Thank you Mitch and PLEASE write more novels!! Your biggest fan, Jean H.

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