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Mitch: I must tell you that I was so fired up to get one of the 50 advanced copies of your new book. I got it Thursday and started reading it right away. A little bit everyday, taking some notes along the way and just got done with it tonight. What a fantastic book! I’ve read your 3 previous ones too. Great lessons – all of them. One of my thoughts is what a blessed (or as you call it, lucky) man you are. Having friends and mentors like Morrie, “Reb” & Henry don’t come along to many people. It’s great that you took your time to share their thoughts, ideas and teachings to everyone that read your books. I’m a high school teacher at Lake Shore High School. I really enjoyed your commencement speech this past June. Just as this book did, your speech that day gave me tears. Lot’s to reflect on for every reader. I will, with your help, use this book like I used Tuesday’s with Morrie in all my classes, especially the Principles of Leadership class.This book is needed at this time in our lives like no other book. I do believe you will build on your reputation as being a true difference maker in this world. This book has helped me to reflect more to get better, work harder and a real big point – for me to quit wasting time!Thanks for all you do Mitch. Keep up the great work.- John Daly

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