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I work for Barnes and Noble and got an advanced copy. It is the best book that I have read in years. This is my second letter to you. I am going to order 1000’s because this will be the biggest and most inspirational book of the century. How can I help fix the hole in the roof? I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this book with everyone I know and all those people I sell books to. My motto in life has always been, “You must have faith.” Thanks again for the wonderful 4 hours. I could have finished it quicker, except for the fact that I had to think about so many things that the Reb said. He reminds me of my mother. I think they were the smartest people in the world. Thank you for making the world a kinder and gentler place to live. Sincerely, Patty DealPatty – wonderful points. What a nice thing that you will be doing to help share the message by sharing all the copies with others. You have given me a great idea! Thanks.

John Daly

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