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I just read my advance copy of “Have a Little Faith”, which I did enjoy and must recommend. On the surface, the story is about the respective lives of two men of faith – one Jewish and one Christian. The triggering event is that Mitch is asked by a ‘Man of God’ to deliver the eulogy upon his death and must collect sufficient information and insight as to his life and faith. I was surprised to find the story a reflective and honest autobiography by Mitch on the role of faith(or lack thereof) in his own life. How did his early lessons in faith translate to adult beliefs and perceptions? What were others seeing and practicing in life that was largely absent from Mitch’s? While much was learned about the two primary characters in the book, Mitch appears to be on a continuing search in his own life as well. It seems that Mitch learned as much about himself as he did about the main characters.The book displays Mitch’s great writing flair in telling a story and for making the characters come alive in a very personal and spiritual manner. This is a very upbeat “must read” providing lessons to us all.

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