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I am threatened by religion. Why?
In reading the except sent to me, judgemental things ran through my head.
Silly me. Faith is so hard to describe for me. Mitch has done a masterful job of allowing us to feel comfortable knowing it is the actions we take that can do the describing for us.Life does come down to the actions we take. I have lost so much faith not in the spiritual energy out there, but in humans. I have felt abandoned. Reading everyone’s thoughts reaffirms my faith in good people. We all have our paths to walk, and seeing teachers taking the efforts, volunteer community members giving up their time, etc., gives me the energy to do the things I do for our community.Let’s all stay out there – volunteer, write, paint, teach, pickup trash, bring food to a senior. It seems the biggest complaints I hear are there are so few people connecting with today’s kids; and, adults have lost faith. These two problems seem to be interconnected, and I am rejuvinated reading all of your thoughts.Let’s keep it up and keep acting.regards,

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