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Reading and enjoying my ARC of ‘Have A Little Faith!’ Many lines have pulled a string on my heart, but this one really took my breath away: “These days I say, God I know I’m going to see you soon. And we’ll have some nice conversations. But meanwhile, God, if you’re gonna taaake me, take me already. And if you’re gonna leave me here…maybe give me the strength to do what should be done.” This piece really hit home for me. I have been down the road and back. I have experienced and learned many life lessons that my peers will only open their eyes to in ten or twenty some years. There is still more for me to live, falling in love with my soul mate and letting our animal instincts run wild on and with each other. But I am tired and tell God that I am living each day for Him. Keep the Faith because it is also a key bone to your body. One strike, two strikes, three strikes, Faith (God) is always in your presence.

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