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Before I read any of your reviews of the book and just watching the Borders video about “Have a Little Faith” I just wondered if anyone that knows the Pastor or that lives in the Detroit area ever thought of nominating the “Church with the Hole” for Extreme Makeover Home Edition? I was thinking what better way to show the love of God to our country than the care of family this Pastor has for loving these homeless people. This company could fix the roof, paint and provide shelter for the homeless within this church without tearing the entire structure down and loosing the building that makes it unique! After reading the reviews of the book, not to mention I intend to get my own copy today, I understand that God is and has played a HUGE role of community and love even in the Hole in the Roof as ironic as it may sound. What trials He brings us through brings us together and He weaves us as a stronger fabric when we help each other. I pray that God in His Infinate Wisdom will strengthen this Pastor and this Church! Whith God all things are possible!Mr.Albom are you ready to take this to the next level? God is using you in a mighty way. I will keep you in my prayers that you stay focused on Him.Thank you for your time, I’m trusting God that this message will reach you.In His Glorious Name,
Brenda Kuhlman

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