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I am a police officer and work in a low income area of Orlando,Fl. I have met and gotten to know many young “Henry’s”, “Cass’s”, and “Miracle’s” throughout the last seven years on the job. When I first started my career, I remember thinking that if I could make a difference in just one persons life and get them on the right path to do some good, then I would feel like I did my job. I have to admit, as the years passed my faith deteriorated by seeing people at their absolute worst. This book and its message is a powerful reminder that there is good in all of us and that sometimes people get on the wrong path, for whatever reasons. I admire Henry for staying strong and making a change in his life, and in turn has changed the lives of so many others. I look forward to hearing what this book will do for many of us who have “taken our eye off the ball”. Great work Mitch…

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