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I’ve read this book just now, this morning, on my way to the office. This story is very touching and I really love Mitch’s book. I’ve all te books, except Tuesday with Morrie, I couldn’t find it in Beijing, as I live in China currently. anyhow, this book has the answers for all the curiosities about faith. actually when i found this book i didn’t notice this book is about faith and non-fiction of mitch’. i just knew this book’s author is Mitch, then i barely bought it. and at that time, my faith was like on the boat that strucked by strong wind..and there were many questions in my life like, why good people have to be faced in bad life? or other Qs..but after read all, I got evething I needed.. this book is the most favorite one.. Thanks for sharing your friend’s life and yours too Mitch. I’m waiting for the next edition..henny novianti, Beijing

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