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I am a youth minister in an affluent small town in Alabama. I have always believed that there is something within all of us that compels us to make a difference – that at the end, our lives would have counted for something more than “making our mark” by collecting life’s toys and accolades. I read this book because as a youth minister and father of four young boys, I wanted to share in what I believe is our calling to impact people with our faith. “Have a Little Faith” is not only a moving tribute to two wonderful men of God, but also is proof that when all the layers are peeled away, the world really has nothing to offer except heartbreak, disappointment and pain. Money, big houses and fame … all eventually go away. The feeling that the workplace or material things provides us with a false sense of security – and, sadly, an ego that convinces us we don’t “need” anything, especially if it has anything to do with God. We just don’t understand the concept truly being “needy.” Still, only faith stands the test of time, as proven by two amazing men from very different backgrounds sharing the love of God in very different ways. And yet, they are the same in so many ways, right down to the nicknames they share – Reb. We are all searching for hope and truth in a world that rarely provides either and yet, as Mr. Albom shares, there are those whose lives truly count for something eternal. The students in my youth ministry as well as the members of our very Southern Baptist church will be affected by this book in some form or fashion over the coming months. It is one of the most inspiring books I have ever read and I believe the effect and impact of it will be far-reaching. I am blessed to have read this book, if for no other reason than it re-energizes my desire to have my own life count for something “bigger than me.”

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