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Hi Mitch: Just finished the book and as always could not put it down. You are such a terrific writer. As a Christian seminary student I was a bit surprised by the conclusion of your book however, I mean your opinion. I agree in this time of diversity in our country it is important to recognize and respect many religions. However, I found it perplexing that your stories on Reb were more based on the Jewish tradition (scripture and doctrine) than your stories on Henry were based on the Christian tradition and doctrine (New Testament of the Bible)…perhaps because you are Jewish and comfortable with your faith? I liked the way you tied our current state of affairs in our country with your book. I have learned in seminary that what was going on at the time an author writes is important in understanding the author. I guess in the end I was wanting you to take a more firm stand about your thoughts as it related to these 2 different men of God. I was hoping you would share specifics from a relationship with God standpoint of how each person changed your faith or made your more aware of God. Just a thought. I would highly recommend this book as it is thought provoking, exciting, and heart breaking all at the same time.

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