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I just finished your book Have a Little Faith. I must admit that I was driven to tears more than once. I loved the book, the minister and the rabbi were two of the most inspirational people I’ve ever read about in our time. Thank you for this book. I wondered why you put in your book and especially in the rabbi’s eulogy the issue with the Catholic priest. I can’t imagine this issue being a defining moment in the rabbi’s life. It struck me as a little prejudicial on your part. Also I got the feeling that you feel bad about marrying a women that was not Jewish. It seems as though when you look back on your life the time when you didn’t practice your Jewish faith you regret the decision. I must admit I felt bad for you your wife and children. When looking back on my own life there is a quote that defines it pretty well “Young men question the existence of God, old men long for the face of God.” I don’t know who to attribute that quote to, but I wish I did. This quote helps me be at peace with myself and the decions I made good or bad in my life. I hope this quote will be of some help to others. Again I’d like to thank you for this wonderful book. Please don’t think that in any way I am trying to be judgemental. I’m just trying to discuss some of my ideas after I read this thought provoking important book. To me this book should be read by anyone with little or great faith.

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