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Today is January 5,2010, it is the eve of the celebration of the Epiphany in Puerto Rico and I have just finished reading “Have a Little Faith”. I could not ask for a more precious or tangible present. This book has enabled me to appreciate the power of the written word and to be grateful for the grace of faith. As a teacher, I have assigned all of Mitch Albom’s books and each has always offered memorable and significant lessons of values and love. In today’s world of difficult times, it is pertinent that we understand and regard the potential of the ability to change, and admire the dedication, determination, and courage of men of faith. The Rev. Henry Covington and Rabbi Albert Lewis each enables us to be thankful for our “leap of faith”. The Rev. Covington shows us that we are born again in the name of Jesus, and Rabbi Lewis exalts the meaning of a holy man. May the words of Rabbi Lewis:”It’s the blending of the different notes that makes the music” stay in our hearts to empower empathy, compassion, and brotherhood in all of our daily lives. Thank you for your book about two men who inspire us to do and be better human beings.
Vilma Córdova – Puerto Rico

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