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I just read this book and I had trouble putting it down as it’s about the language of love. I had some coincidences along the way, in that as I was reading there were connects, language connects, deep ones, and also content connects, to an article I was reading on Now if this were the first time I would chalk this up to pure chance, but my life is synchronous, meaning I am experiencing massive connects that involve not just experiential connects but something deep about language itself. I think there is enough in this book to illustrate something that is magic, in how our lives do thread together and that is, for example, the way this wonderful Rabbi wound up being a rabbi, as “fate”, “providence” or whatever you want to call this put this young man and his father in his life, and then, he did become a rabbi. A happy accident, or, something else?I am seeing the something else about life, and it would be miracle enough to just view the story, but as stories go, I feel we are all of us climbing, another meaning to this word, and, as Troy itself is within the word, story, we are each one of us the heros and heroines of our very own stories, particularly these stories that lead to a kind of Deliverance and then, beyond, that is entirely God centered or “Love” centered, for those who refuse to use any one of the names for God.I am sure the rabbi is with us, still, on the other side. And I don’t doubt as Anne Frank did so eloquently state in her Diary, that it all comes out all right in the end. And then… another beginning.And I was so moved by Henry’s story, the hole in the roof, and all these wonderful stories that I am saying have to do with Divinity, itself.God as storyteller.

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