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Thanks for another wonderful book, Mitch.
I have read all four of your non-Sports books now — and watched the wonderful screen adaptation of Tuesdays With Morrie, with the wonderful Jack Lemmon. I had Have a Little Faith on my To Get list, but before I made it to the city to pick it up, I received it as a gift at Christmas.
Now I am going to give it to S., my stepson, who came home this past Sunday to be with his paternal grandfather during his last two days. S. was wonderfully blessed to spend this morning from pre-dawn with his grandpa, holding his hand and talking to him through his medicated sleep, and counting the breaths his grandpa took until he breathed his last just a few minutes before noon. He told me “Now I know … it was just like you read in the obituaries. ‘Peacefully, surrounded by his loving family’.” This is S.’s first close loss, so I know he will be able to appreciate what you have written in Have a Little Faith all the better now.
All blessings,

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