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I received my book only a few days ago and for the first 100 pages i didn’t really know where i was going in the story it wasn’t gripping me and i wasn’t really in the story, maybe that was just to do with me and not the book. But when i reached pages after that i found myself glued to the story and the reb a very inspiring man, i loved how Mitch explained faith and i have lots of I.D with the pastor as my life to was based on using drugs. I am 5 years clean and i too had to learn about faith and God and i have no issues with it today, i love my God and he is everywhere i go. Like the reb. It makes life so much better and enjoyable. The last few chapters in the book Mitch you brought out a lot of emotion in me, i cried and cried but if the truth be told it was about my own stuff, about how my uncle died with cancer and that he had a horrible death but we had read tuesdays with Morrie b4r hand so it helped us talk about his life while he was dying and we were not afraid, reading have a little faith made me miss my uncle, the relationship we had and the wise words he would tell me. Just like reb did with you Mitch. Tuesdays with Morrie and Have a little faith touched my heart and Morrie taught me how to care for uncle without making it about me and have a little faith has taught me thats its ok to miss him. From a grateful member of society.Thank you Mitch

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