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I have thoroughly enjoyed “Have a Little Faith”, and wanted to give my answer to a passage subtitled “The Second Death” found on page 127. The passage reads as follows: “The unvisited in nursing homes. The homeless found frozen in alleys. Who mouned their passing? who marked their time on earth?” My answer, Mr. Albom, regarding the unvisited in nursing homes is ME. I am a Certified Nursing Assistant at a Nursing Home here in Arkansas on the night shift (11pm-7am). I am one of the many who do what we can to bring at least a glimmer of cheer, a smile, a loving touch to those who are, or feel that they are, alone. Although it is not the job for all, I feel that it is MY calling…MY area of ministry…MY way that I can give back, in some small way, to my community.

Your book has been heartwarming and comforting to me. I appreciate your work.

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