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My son debated whether or not to purchase the last copy of Have A Little Faith from the bookstore shelf for me for Christmas.. With a little prodding from his fiancee, he decided to go ahead and get it. I had asked for the book but had not had time to read it, as my time was taken with caring for my husband who was fighting a battle with cancer. In March when he was moved from the hospital to hospice, this book was the last thing I placed in my bag to take with me. I was not leaving his side. He was there for 8 days. The children and I had told him it was OK to let go but he just kept hanging on. The nurse said he was afraid to leave me, he always worried about who would take care of me when he was gone. As we prayed together, he prayed for God to take care of me, and for us not to forget about him when he was gone. I was reading Have A Little Faith and got to the conversation about the things people fear most about death. I read the part “they fear they will be forgotten”. I instantly closed the book and took him by the hand, kissed him, told him that I loved him with all my heart. Then I promised him I would never let him be forgotten. Then he drew his last breath and was at last free from the pain that had wracked his body for so long. I had to go through the pain of losing him in order for him to be free of pain. I never lost my faith throughout the whole ordeal, painful though it was. I don’t understand how people can NOT have faith going through something like that. I usually share my books after I read them, but I highlighted that page and conversation, and that book will remain with me forever. I do recommend it to everyone I talk with. I know God meant for me to have it with me, in that place, at that time, for a reason-so I would know the right thing to say to him at the right time. Thank you Mitch for all of your books, but especially this one.

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