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Just recently i have read Mitch Albom’s book ‘Have a Little Faith’ in my english class. I was sort of skeptical of the book at first, due to it being a non fiction book. But since we were required to read it, i read it, thus i gave it a chance, and to my surprise i liked it. This novel was a real eye opener about the different faiths and how we should respect them, just like The Reb had said. The book had a lot of touchy subjects that were brought up and talked about in the various chapters of the book itself. One of these subjects was a question asked by Mitch himself, “Can bad people change to become good people?” (pg. 197) Then The Reb replied, “Yes they can, in both directions.” (pg 197) When Mitch asked this he was thinking about Pastor Henry Covington and how he went from being a drug dealer/addict to a man to God. To me i believe what The Reb had said was true that a bad person can change to a good person and vice versa. I mean my pastor used to be a drunk degenerate until he had found God 35 years ago. He is a prime example of how people can change from being a bad person into a good person. People in general are unpredictable and you don’t know how they’ll act and if they’ll ever change, whether they be a good person or a bad person.
Another major instance was when Mitch had asked the Reb, “What is key to Happiness?” (pg. 102) The Reb then replied, “Be satisfied, be greatful for what you have, for the love you recieve, and for what God has given You.” (pg. 102) What The Reb had said to Mitch was the truth, in my opinion and really opened my eyes, and hopefully for anyone who reads this book, to life itself. By this i mean if we’re happy with what we got and having funny then that is true happiness. Thank You Mitch and anyone who reads this….

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