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blankPaul T

Have a little faith i have heard it before from friends and family members. It meant trust me believe in me, but I just read a book called Have a little faith. I need to tell you it made me think about my faith, well it made me think about my life in general. When I first got this book it was from my english teacher, at first I was like ugh another reading assignment. I myself am not a reading person I don’t like to read novels if I start unless I have to I never finish a novel, but this one was different. This book made me think about my life how i take it and want to live it. In your book you and Reb talked about”Happiness” (102). You asked the Reb what the key to happiness . The Reb answered by saying “Be satisfied,be greatful for what you have for the love you receive and for what God has given you.” (102).
Now I have never really thought about how to obtain happiness. It never really crossed my mind but when I read that section of the novel it made me think. It made me think about were i was at in my life how I’m living my life if i was doing what made me happy. Being with the people I want to be with, or even being with the right girl. So as I was thinking about it I found out that I was satisfied with my life I’m happy with the girl I’m with, but i never thought about my life i always took it for granted. So i actually would like to think you Micth Albom because before this book I was careless taking everything I had for granted wanting something better. After reading your book I found out that I am satisfied and I have a wonderful life oh also you are a talented writer and I have to say I am excited about reading more of your novels.

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