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Kyle Hogue

I never really have posted on a site like this before, especially just to comment on a book. “Have a Little Faith”, however, deserves all this attention and more. It is one of the most inspirational stories that I have ever read, and it has made me rethink some of my own views and stances on several different subjects. It makes you feel foolish for caring about such trivial things in life. One of the things that Albert says really made me think alot.
It was on page 143 when he was talking about what love really is. I believe it says that his wife asked him if he really did love her. His response was something I will never forget. He replied with a question somewhere along the lines of “How could you ever doubt my love after all that we have been through, all that we have done, the memories we’ve shared?” This really touched me. It made me realize that love isn’t about how much money someone spends on a gift for you, the things that they will or won’t do for you, or even about the love struck puppy you were over your first real girlfriend. Love is about the special moments that you share together. The memories you share together and the times you will never forget strengthen a relationship more than anything you could ever buy or do for someone.
In the book, Albert was lucky enough to find an amazing relationship with his wife. Another little thing that stands out to me that was on the next page are the words he uses to describe their relationship. Albert and his wife’s companionship is strengthened so much more by their SELFLESSNESS and COOPERATION. Everyone gets aggravated every now and then, and people are going to bug you no matter how hard they try not to. Real love perseveres through these tough times because you put someone else’s feelings above your own. When two people are willing to do this for each other, and they learn to cooperate in a way that builds a healthy, long-lasting relationship, something truly rare and amazing has been created and can never be destroyed.

Thank you Albert, for your great insights and wisdom
Thank you Mitch, for sharing his inspiration with the world

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