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My english class has recently read your book Have A Little Faith. One thing in your book that really caught my attention was when you and the Reb were talking about happiness. “So have we solved the secrect of happiness?.. Be satisfied… That’s it?… Be graceful… That’s it?…(p. 102).” I believe in this quote so much because a lot of people think, only if I had money or only if I had a new car; I would be so happy. But I have came to realize that the only thing that will make you happy is being postive about things and being thankful for things. So this quote really speaks to me. I also have to say that I love how the Reb looks at everything in a postive way. For instance when the doctor gave him medication that made him that way and then later realized that the medication was what was wrong with him and all he had to say was that the doctor was just trying to do his job. If that happened to me I couldn’t look in a postive way and the Reb really inspires me to think postive about things because im sure the doctor was trying to do his job. I also really love when you and the Reb talks about a lasting marriage and the Reb states, “I think people expect too much from marriage today… They expect perfection… That’s TV’s or movies… not the human experience…(p.144).” This statement is so true because most people expect when they get married not to ever fight or argue and everything to be so perfect. Another thing that caught my eye was when the Reb and that guy were talking and that guy says “I loved her.. I mean I really loved her… I almost told her once…(p.212).” The reb says afterwards “Nothing haunts like things we don’t say…(p.212).” This statement is very powerful, it makes me want to call all my family up and just tell them I love them. This book is very inspiring and has made me looked at things in a certain way.. Sincerely Bridget Dempsey

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