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My English class recently completed the book “Have a Little Faith.” I absolutely LOVED this book! Mitch, you were so blessed to have the chance to know someone like The Reb. I wish I had someone like him to talk to and guide me through the many problems life throws our way. The Reb gave so many different outlooks on faith and religion which really made me wonder about a lot. It would have been wonderful to attend a service at the synagogue when The Reb spoke. There was so much about this book that I enjoyed, but one of my favorite quotes reads, “Nothing haunts like the things we don’t say.” (212). I can relate because I can count a lot of times I’ve held back feelings. When it’s too late, I realize I should have said something, and maybe if I would have, the outcome would be different. Instead, I bit my tongue and now I constantly think about some of the things I didn’t say. I also loved how Mitch switched back and forth between Henry’s journey to finding God and his own meetings with another man of God. I feel like if I had a positive outlook on things like The Reb did, I would be a much better person. I loved what Henry did for his community and how he put others before himself. You can’t find many people like that. I also admired the dedication to the church that Henry and the members possessed. The relationship between Albert and his wife was so loving and sweet. I really liked when The Reb was talking about how everyone expects love to be so perfect. In reality though, it’s not perfect all day, every day. His wife tells the truth when she says you have a few good minutes here and a few bad minutes there. “Have a Little Faith” was a very heart-warming and inspiring story. It made me laugh, cry, and really think about a lot of things. I could definitely read it time and time again. I would strongly recommend this book to everyone, whether you believe or not.

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