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My english class has just got finished reading Mitch Alboms book “Have a Little Faith”. It is an amazing book he portrays his charecters very well in his book you feel as if you know them. The reb’s take on faith is astonishing and inspiring. He has a great take on things he doesnt judge people and we would all be doing well as he told Mitch how do we know which religion is right they all belive in higher power. Henry shows faith but in a different way he has faith that people can change he takes everyone in and turns no one down. I have a lot of respect for Henry he doesn’t lie about his past he tells the truth no matter how bad it may be. He has faith that everything happens for a reason and something good will finally come of it. One of the quotes that left and impression on me was “he gave us a thing called free will and i think god watches everyday lovingly praying we make the right choices(198).” It got me thinking and he is right we make our own choices he doesn’t want us to do bad. Another good quote that left a imprint on me in the book was when he was talking about him being angry at god for his daughters death. “Because even in doing so I was recognizing there was greater powers than me (181).” That was amazing that he looks at everything in a positive way.This book changed my way of thinking it did wonders on my take on religion and faith. I would recommend that everyone read this book it is great.

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