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Usually books assigned in an English class are the ones that no one else reads. (Except other English classes). When “Have A Little Faith” was handed to me, I expected another book that would follow suit. My new saying is “don’t judge a book just because it was given to you in your English class”. I have to say this is by far the most amazing book I have ever picked up in my entire life. I never imagined that I would say a book single handedly changed my whole perspective on life. This one did. What Mitch presents to us in this book is things a lot of people can relate to in a sense. There were times that I would have to stop reading and make sure I wasn’t going through a revised version of my life. I would have to say the Reb’s ways and words had the greatest impact on me. It was simply amazing how with every question he had an answer, with everything bad, he kept singing and going about his way. Everything the Reb said could have been some of the simplest things, yet they had so much meaning and power. Another great aspect of the book I really enjoyed was the parts were it seemed Mitch just stepped aside from story to ask a question, or simply make a statement. An example of this comes from page 193. “Did you ever hear a sermon that felt as if it were being screamed into your ear alone? When that happens, it usually has more to do with you than the preacher.” It seems throughout this book; Mitch gradually digs deeper and deeper right into your heart, emotionally bonding you to his life. “Have A Little Faith” is a book everyone should read. I hope that we can all spread the word about this amazing book, so that everyone can be touched by it.

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