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Recently, my dual credit English class completed Mitch Albom’s most recent book, “Have A Little Faith”. Reflecting on Mitch Albom as a writer, I have no complaints; moreover, his book captures your attention from the beginning and keeps the reader in deep thought to the very end.
In the book, Mitch Albom does an excellent job exploring deep into his characters morals and personalities than any other book I have ever read; therefore, I feel as if I know the characters Reb and Henry personally. No matter if the Reb knew your first name or not, he seems to be a kind enough person that you could take anything to him for his help. Reb also has the answers for everything, which I highly enjoy and a reader should never get uninterested when listening to his answers.
The question that has plagued me throughout the whole book is, “Will you do my eulogy?” (Pg.1) I never, nor will I ever understand why the Reb chose Mitch to do his eulogy. After assessing that question for a while I thought maybe he chose Mitch due to the fact that he was a talented writer and he has published enjoyable books. I also thought that maybe the Reb saw something special in Mitch and knew that through him and his writing he could continue to assist and inspire more people.
When reading this book I have found inspiration for not only things that pertain to me, but also things that pertain to many others aspects of life; for example: life as it is, marriage, and religion. When the Reb’s wife states, “We have had 30 wonderful years together,” that was the marital inspiration that stuck out to me (Pg.143). In the fast speed of life a person only gets a few minutes here and a few minutes there. I also greatly enjoyed the comment made on page 111, “We have a home, just not a house to put it in.” It never seems to amaze me how people in the lowest point of their lives use their faith to push forward and continue to see the brighter side of life and inspire others.
As a reader I find it hard to pick only certain points from this book, due to the fact that is so packed with wonderful facts and heartwarming stories. This book is full of people receiving second chances and they give 100% of the credit to God, for being a merciful God. For instance, on pages 150 and 151 when Henry and his wife had just become clean; however, there was one piece of evidence left. This evidence contained one red note book with bible verses and one with drug deals. The cop grabbed the one with bible verses and they were left alone.
Reading this book greatly caused me to question many aspects of my life and gave me great insight spiritually. I am going to close with my favorite part which can also be found near the end of the book. On page 234 where Mitch ask the Reb how he became the Reb. The Reb gave him a list of reasons, but didn’t mention God. Mitch questioned him on why he didn’t mention him, and he replied, “God became before number one.”

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