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My senior English class has recently read the book “Have a Little Faith,” by Mitch Albom. Upon reading this book, I have been inspired to take a step back and examine my own personal thoughts on life and religion, just as Mitch does throughout the book. This work of Literature has opened my mind to quite a few different views on other religions, including my own.A part that really made me want to consider other beliefs was when Mitch said, “Whose to say their God is better than another? Who knows which Bible is written right and which isn’t?” (183). Being raised under the Pentecostal faith, in which there aren’t a lot of grey areas, mainly black and white, I have never thought to look at how someone else could have been taught about what is right and wrong from a child up. And even if my faith is the right way, how can someone else be condemned to Hell for eternity if they didn’t know any better? I haven’t got an answer yet and, honestly, I’m starting to think there isn’t one.Not only have I learned about different religions, I learned quite a few life lessons. One in particular that stood out to me would be the lesson the Reb gives Mitch about marriage. After being asked why do so many marriages fail, the Reb responds by saying, “Young people expect too much from marriage these days…They expect perfection…It’s okay that the other nudges you a little, bothers you a little. That’s part of being close with someone” (144). I believe this is entirely true. I mean, look at the literal meaning of this phrase: when you’re standing or walking beside someone closely, you are going to bump them. But it’s okay. No one got hurt, no one fell down, you just “nudged” the other. On the metaphorical side, being with someone you love is kind of similar. You may love them with your whole heart, and still be annoyed within an inch of your life with the things they do. Things like having to have the last word, shushing you, or fighting over which radio station to listen to. These things may be the thorn in your side right now, but one day they will just be playful memories to look back on after you have built a life together. Regardless of how annoying some things may be, if at the end of the day you still love them along with those aggravating habits, you will make it. You might have to hold on with all your might, but you will make it.

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