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When my Dual Credit English teacher handed out “Have A Little Faith” I thought to myself “Well, here’s another book I’m going to have to suffer through to pass this class.” It always seems that if I was required to read a book, that made if five times less interesting to me, but when I started “suffering” through this book, I wasn’t suffering at all. Mitch, I wish I could meet someone like Albert; someone who could teach me so much about life. However, just by reading this book, it seems like I have met that person.
This book is full of so many life lessons, that can make you smile, cry, or just think. One thing that I absolutely loved was the conversation on happiness. “Be satisfied…be grateful…for what you have. For the love you receive. And for what God has given you.” (102.) I thought about this for a good while after I read it, and The Reb was right. It we are happy with what we have, and are not always needing more, we can be happy. It’s human nature to always want me, but if we learn it’s okay not to get it, happiness shall be ours.
Another part of this book that really got to me was The Reb’s story of his atheist doctor. “…It is far more comforting to think God listened and said no, than to think that nobody’s out there.” (82.) Is this not so true! I would much rather, myself, know God IS there and he IS listening. To know he is there, helping me when I need him, and trusting me to be able to cope with things he knows I can handle, is FAR better in every way than to think there is no one there to help me in my times of trial.
I could ramble off passages of this book that made me think about life, love, and God all day. Albert Lewis and Henry Covington are two of the most inspirational people to have ever walked earth, in my eyes. Albert, who you could have a conversation about anything with, and Henry, who has been through anything you could imagine. Both, men of God. “You’re a man of God too…Everyone is.” (227.)

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