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My senior English IV DC teacher gave us your book “have a little faith” to read, and then assigned us to post here on your forums as a test grade. To be honest, I’m not sure if I can fully express my thoughts about this book using words, but I’ll do my best. As I read this book it made me laugh, cry, think, despair, rejoice, and ultimately change the way I look at life. While I was growing up (and continue to do so today,) I was taught that Christianity is the one true faith and that we must work to save everyone who doesn’t believe likewise. I feel that in today’s times religion has become a barrier; instead of trying to help others, people are doing nothing but condemning others and shoving their own religion down the throats of others… After reading your book and seeing how you (Mr. Albom,) have crossed the ‘barrier’, being Jewish and yet still helped Mr. Covington and his congregation (even if it was somewhat accidentally,) helped to quell my disdain towards these overzealous fanatics. I sometimes question my religion, and then I remember in your book when you and Mr. Lewis were talking and he tells a story about the atheist doctor and ends with “it’s comforting to think that God said ‘no’ than there to be no one out there at all.” I heard from someone once that doubting your religion can lead to stronger faith, which I somewhat believe in. “So, Heavenly Father, for all this, what is my reward?” And what do you think God will say? He smiled. “He’ll say, ‘Reward? What reward? That’s what you were supposed to do!” (249). Another conversation between Mr. Albom and Mr. Lewis which had an impact on me… You shouldn’t do good things because you’re expecting a reward, you should do them because it’s what you’re supposed to do and because you should want to do it.

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