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In my duel credit english class at HCHS we had just finished reading the book “Have a Little Faith,” by Mitch Albom. I normally dont get interested in reading or anything. i Would rather wait until a movie came out and watch it. When My english teacher handed me this book and said you guys will love it, and that it is amazing, i was like yup aint reading this book either. Well i finally decided that i was going to just read the first few chapters and then decide from there. When i started reading the book i didnt want to quit. She would give us reading assignments every night. I would go ahead and read farther because i always wanted to know what was going to happen.”Can bad people change to become good people?” Then The Reb replied, “Yes they can, in both directions.” (pg 197).This is a inspiration to me because I know people can change in the world its just people don’t choose to. When I read this book it made me think about people today. Peoples life could really change if they decided to read this book. I mean it has a wonderful meaning to it and its not hard to read. When I read this book it has opened my eyes along with people in my class. According to the reb life is something not to play around with and not to regret cause u can only live it once so live it the right way.

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