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Recently in my Dual Credit English Class, our teacher assigned us the book,”Have A Lillte Faith” by Mitch Albom. Great, just another distraction! I was jumping the conclusion way too fast. Reading this book has really changed my perspectives on not only life, but also in religion. People always say God works in mysterious ways, and they for sure was not lieing. In this book Mitch meets two people that he has never met before, and some how through many visits and conversation, they ended up being very close. The quote that really impacted me the most out of this whole book would be spotted at the main beginning. “Will you do my eulogy?” (1). Mitch and the rabbi that asked this, have never really communicated with one another before. They was just acquaintance, because Mitch would always run from the rabbi. Im just amazed by the fact that the rabbi would ask someone who barely knows him, to do his eulogy at his funeral. God played a major role in this book. Not only with helping Mitch get to know the rabbi, but also for Henry Covington to get on the right track and be for the Lord and not do things that are against his ways.”Will you save me Jesus?” he whipsered. “If I promise to give myself to you, will you save me tongiht,” (84). No matter what Henry had done in his past, the Lord is always forgiving and saved Henry that night from being shot or even killed. This book would have to be my most favorite book of all times as of right now. It really changes your perspective on how fragile life really is, and how you should never take it for granted, and how you can always turn to God on the roughest times. Thanks, Natasha

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