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I want to start of by saying the book “Have a Little Faith” is simply amazing. Recently, my English 101 teacher, Ms. McHargue decided she wanted us to read this book. After hearing her describe it, I was almost excited to have to read a book for school. This book is truly inspirational, and really gives a different aspect of faith. Before reading this book I never thought about how different religions can have so much in common. The Reb and Henry both had obstacles they had to face, but in the end they knew that the higher power was the one that got them through.
When we first started reading, I started thinking about how little I knew about faiths other than mine, such as Judaism. I thought maybe it would be hard to relate to the Reb, or even a drug dealer who had became a preacher, but that is what this book was about. No matter what religion, you have strong Faith in something. The Reb, Henry Covington, and you, Mitch Albom, have been a great inspiration. Some of the questions you asked, and the conversations you had with the two really opened my eyes to the world of Faith. One of my favorite parts was the conversation between Mitch and the Reb on page 213. “… Which is why our sages tell us to repent exactly one day before we die.” It is like you took the words right out of my mouth when you said, “But how do you know it’s the day before you die?” I got goose bumps as I read this section. The Reb’s reply, “Exactly,” really made me look back on my faith. How many times do I go through the day and never thank God for what he has done? I have clothing, food and house to sleep in. Why am I blessed so much when I push God away?
I want to add, what Henry Covington does for his church is amazing! Every man of God should be inspired by a man like that! I want to thank Mitch Albom for sharing this touching story, as well as Ms. McHargue for bringing this book to my attention. It has truly been a blessing to my life, and I would recommend it to anyone!

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