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“Have a little faith” was a recent reading assignment for my dual credit English IV class at my high school. Reading has never really been one of my favorite past times, it’s usually more of a hassle than anything. It seems that I never have the time or motivation to finish a book that I have started. “Have a Little Faith” however, was a completely different story. When I began reading, I didn’t want to stop, it sounds really cheesy but it’s the truth. I fell in love with the stories of both Albert and Henry, I felt as though the more I read, the closer I became with both of them. Albert Lewis was such a knowledgeable man, someone that could teach you a new lesson everyday. Even after his death his words are reaching out to people all over the world, inspiring us with his wisdom, challenging us to think outside of the box.
Albert tells Mitch about how he lost his daughter to an asthma attack when she was a child. He says, “I cursed God, I asked him over and over, why her? What did this little girl do?” Mitch then asks The Reb if he felt guilty for cursing God, Albert replies, “No because even in doing so I was recognizing there was a greater power than me.” (180). I can barely imagine how it would feel to lose a child. I find it amazing that Albert didn’t turn his back on God after this tragedy. His faith pulled him through.
I love that Albert Lewis had such an open mind about other religions. Mitch asks, “Why did God create but one man? Why, if he meant for there to be faiths bickering with each other, didn’t he create that from the start?” Albert replies with this eye opening statement, “Because we are all from that one man- and all from that one God. That’s the message” (160). I find it hard to be one hundred percent positive that my faith is better or more correct than the person’s beside of me. Who’s to say that I’m in the right, when others with different faiths believe this as well? Mr. Lewis taught me that there is a possibility that I could be wrong; that my faith could have a few kinks that need to be worked out, but then again, maybe not. I just know that in the grand scheme of things, all faiths branch from that one God. An amazing book, i loved it!

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