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Recently my wonderful English teacher discovered a new book that she felt was absolutely amazing. She thought it was so great that she should share it with my classmates and I. I have to say that as much as I was dreading reading this book I actually did enjoy it, actually I enjoyed it a lot. The book was full of many inspiring sections and others that reminded me of myself. One part in particular the I can relate to in, my life is a section from page 144.
He on occasion, told the joke about a man who complains to his doctor that his wife, when angry, gets historical. “You mean she gets hysterical. “The doctor says. “No, historical”, the man says “She lists the history of every wrong thing that I have ever done!”
As amusing as I found this part it also reminded me of the relationship between my girlfriend and me. I love her dearly but she is just like that, all the time (I mean that literally). No matter what the fight is over, it can be completely her fault but she doesn’t want it to seem like that so she brings up anything and everything that she can think of to take the attention of the problem from herself to me. I guess she thinks if she makes me feel bad enough about past things then I won’t be so mad at her and the fight will end sooner. All it really does thought is make me angrier, maybe one day she will learn.
On a more serious note I think that this book can be life changing if you just give it a chance. Some books are written for mere entertainment but not this one. This book is full of lessons and advice that that we can all use throughout life. I believe this book is one that should be read by many people and I will defiantly recommend it to friends and family.

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