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Have a little faith is a outstanding book. I really never got into reading or anything expecially after having to read A Tale of Two Cities. But recently my English 101 class was assigned to read the book Have a little faith. When i first got it i keep it in my purse for a couple of days without even looking at it, and then Mrs. McHargue my teacher assisigned a reading assisgnment so i figured i should start reading. Not only did i fall in love with this book but it honestly taught me so much in life. As in my faith, and not knowing what’s going to happen in your life. There was soo many parts in the book that seemed to stick out to me, and just seemed to send a message. My favorite part in the whole book would have to be on the chapter of a Good Marriage. The reb is so loveable and sweet to his wife and the words he saying has so much truthful meaning behind them. (page.145) “Because the word ‘commitment’ has lost its meaning. I’m old enough to remember when it used to be a positive. A committed person was someone to be admired. He was loyal and steady. Now a commitment is something you avoid. You don’t want to tie yourself down.” && one more favorite quote that i love is “A happiness you cannot find alone.” Everything he seems to say in this book is a great word of wisdom and advise. I admire him for writting this book, not just for the joy of reading it but also for the joy of learning there experiences and getting words of advise. I cannot wait to read Tuesday with Morie. Thank you Ms. McHargue for assisigning us this book, i can say i truely enjoyed it.

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