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I am not quite sure if the message will be reviewd by Mitch or others only. After reading the book Have A Little Faith, I stopped for a while and I really wanted to talk, with you. And I have a hope, I hope I can make it come true with the help from the person that is being in love with hope.
I know one single article from you could help people from Henry’s church. You judged Henry at the very beginning but you changed your views once you got to know him. I know someone, he is an international student in Toronto. He might not be able to finish his remaining two years study here and sent back home.
Here is his story. I will try to finish this as briefly as possible. He broke up with his ex girlfriend when he was doing study in Vancouver. He was so down, he couldn’t focus on his study. He got lost. Living in a foreign country and lost the only spiritual support all of a sudden, he didn’t know what he should do. He was mis-guided then.
There are always some people who want to take advantage of others at this point. I think he is a victim as well. But he has to carry all the responsibility and be blamed. Someone told his parents far away back home that he couldn’t finish the study at all and he should try the fraudulent marriage. He was controlled by others at that time, when he was completely lost after the relationship failed.
He didn’t go on the street and punched people, or hurting other people to vent his anger, or unhappiness; he didn’t turn to the drugs either. He didn’t have a good past for this. He made a mistake. He took a wrong path. Just like Henry in Have A Little Faith, he made a mistake. However, he didn’t pray for a new life. He has been praying since he suddenly woke up that he realized the fraudulent marriage is wrong, he has been praying for a second chance, just to finish the remaining study in Toronto.
He is being sent back home soon and he is still in his 20s. He couldn’t carry on what he has been learning in Canada for these five years. If he goes back home, he can’t attend the university, he might not be able to find a job.
He just need the chance to stay here and finish the school. Can you really blame someone if he wants to go to school? Can you really blame someone that he got lost because he loved someone so deep? If he is not being given a second chance, how would other know him better, and will be doing better than ever before? If you didn’t give Henry a second chance, how would you know him better and help more people? Think about it, if you didn’t listen to others, you wouldn’t have been heard by so many people that they would like to help.
…It’s amazing how folks can’t see you, ’cause they want to keep you in the past…
People make mistakes, people have past. Henry made a lot of mistakes, did a lot of bad things. He got a bad past. But is he a good man now? Isn’t he helping others? Can’t we be a little more understanding and maybe we should see people not from what they are wearing, but the heart. How about seeing through their eyes?

Few people have that patience or maybe I should say, few people have that heart. You make one mistake, you are already judged and your whole life is ruined. He asked for a life. He got it from God. Poeple here make one mistake. Most of the people would just ask for one more chance. They never get it though. God help people. Shouldn’t we people help people first. God live so far away from us, if we people cannot hear us, or refuse to hear us, you will not be heard either.

Look into ourselves, we made mistakes and we do have past, either good or bad–most of the time, bad ones, I guess. If you can give yourselves another chance because you believe yourself that you are going to change and be good, and because you don’t want to keep yourself in the past. Please, also give others one more chance, just let them get the chance and change, let the past go.

Let yourself be heard by hearing others.
Mitch, he needs your help. I need your help to help the one that I love.
From Katherine–the helpless and hopeless one.

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