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I loved this book. I bought your book for my husband, who is a recovering Jehovah’s Witness. I was raised as a Roman Catholic, and like you, drifted/ran away from my faith as I became an adult. Like you I’ve also been “fine, healthy, made money, didn’t need to ask God for much…”
In our interfaith marriage, religion is a thread thats often discussed as we weave through our own path of raising a family, and dealing with the families that we came from. My husband’s family is still very much entrenched in their elitest beliefs, which causes a lot of heart ache for us. To date, my Mother-in-Law has met our daughter once in her 3 years of life. It’s very sad and confusing… I wish so much that I could get her to open her mind and take in your book. To see the beautiful faith of your Rabbi brought me to tears and inspired me take another look inside of myself. Thank you.

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