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I’m not a teacher; instead, I’m a returning student at the young age of 54! I hope to obtain an AA in English, since writing is my passion, but I’m not focusing on the finish line, only the present time with baby steps. Right now, my first semester of English is coming to an end, but I will continue with the next required English class. I’ve enjoyed reading many wonderful essays and Hemingway stories. Now I’ll continue for the reason why I’m here…
Have you ever felt so jazzed about something that your excitement could literally escape your heart, mind, body and soul in order to share it with the world? That’s exactly how I felt after experiencing such a fantastic evening.
Last week, my daughter and I had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Albom at Book Passage in Marin County, CA. I had just introduced Tuesdays with Morrie to her, which she read and raved about. I read about Morrie years ago, but I’m currently re-reading about him again. Mr. Albom was animated in telling how his career began; he was witty, yet humble. What I didn’t expect from this author’s event was a surprising musical twist. It was interesting to learn that music was his first love, how his life transitioned from music to writing, and how he truly believes that “talents lay inside of us and they come out when they come out.”
My daughter and I were fascinated by his introduction for The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto, the incorporating of real-life musicians into Frankie’s journey. We were able to chat with Mr. Albom for about two minutes while he signed our books and that was great.
I just have to say how much his story about Morrie touched our hearts, and when I’m finished reading it again, I’ll venture into the music and adventure of Frankie Presto, which sounds just as evocative and meaningful as Morrie’s story. And I’ll add that I wrote a page and a half about this wonderful evening as an extra credit paper for my class. We shall see how I did on it in a few weeks! So far I have an A in the class, which makes me happy, especially after all these years.
A Big Thanks to you, Mitch, for all the wonderful books you’ve written; for your honesty, wisdom, experiences, and your talent for changing life perspectives…
Wishing you all the best and a Happy Thanksgiving,

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