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Dear Mitch,

I just finished reading THE MAGIC STRINGS,and to say it blew me away,doesn’t come close.I wanted to steal this book from the library,cause I can’t afford it,but I thought how selfish it would be of me to deny other’s this
treasure. I don’t know what inspired you,but what a joy this book was, love,joy,pain life at it’s realest,thank you!!!

I kept closing the book,looking at the cover and thinking this has to be real it can’t just be a story,and then I gave in and decided it was real because Frankie lived inside of you,I can only say THANK YOU FOR LETTING HIM OUT.He was wonderful to meet!!! I fell in love with this book and talk and think about it a lot.

I am only sad that we will never meet him again!!

Thank you again,the pleasure was all mine!!!


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